HID Xenon Headlamp Kit

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HID Xenon Headlamp Kit Hi and Low Beam (H4) - 6000k

HID Xenon headlamp upgrade kit (base size H4) for conversion of your existing auto head lamps to bright and efficient xenon lights.

Based on the latest automobile headlight bulb technology, the H.I.D. Xenon Headlamp System is designed with exceptional automotive safety, energy efficiency and style in mind. These high performance headlamps are the perfect blend of automobile safety and style to replace standard halogen lamps in automobiles.

With drivers spending more time on the road at night than ever before, poor visibility conditions can make driving a dangerous experience, making xenon headlights an important car upgrade for you and your families safety. Good vision is a vital factor in reducing the number of accidents at night or in poor visibility/weather.

Xenon head lamps provide peace of mind and enhance vehicle safety by improving driver vision by up to 20m (5 car lengths), with up to 50% more light coverage on the road, along with enhanced peripheral vision and improved reflection of road markings and signs than conventional halogen lights. The result is greater reaction time and visual clarity for you to deal with potentially dangerous situations. Xenon headlamps are not only brighter, they are also extremely durable, lasting up to ten times longer - as they withstand a greater amount of vibration and shock from the road as there is no filament.

D.I.Y. installation is straight forward with color-coded connectors - no special tools are normally required. These superb replacement headlights fit directly into the factory headlight casing. Changing your Land Rovers bulbs will only take minutes and, in return, will give increased safety for the driver and passengers.

The H4 lamp base size is most suitable for Land Rover Defenders, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic

At a Glance...

* Enhances safety via superior lighting (up to 3x brightness of standard halogen lamps).
* Extremely durable with long life: up to 10 times the life of standard lamps.
* Simple DIY installation and replacement project for improving your Land Rover.

Manufacturer Specifications

* Main functions: Vehicle HID Xenon Headlamp Conversion Kit

* Ballast parameter:
- Input Voltage: 9-16V
- Normal Voltage: 12V
- Max input Current: 10A
- Rated Current: 3.5A
- Output Wattage: 35W
- Work Temperature: -40 C to 105 C

* Bulb parameter:
- Color Temperature: 6000K
- Life: 2500-3000 Hours
- Lumens: 3200
- Lamp Base: H4 (H/L)

Product Notes

* HID headlights utilize high-pressure technology similar to that used in fluorescent mercury lamps
* High energy efficiency: half the power consumption of standard headlights
* The superior performance of your headlights could very well mean the difference between stopping in time and being involved in a serious accident!

Package Contents

* HID Xenon Headlamp System Upgrade Kit
* 2x HID Lamp Ballast 35W Slimline
* 2x Xenon bulbs 35W
* Instruction Guide - English
* ISO Power Cable


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